Incision and Drainage of Perianal or Pilonidal Abscess

This procedure is done in the office setting using a local anesthetic. Once the skin overlying the pus pocket is numbed, an incision is then made to allow the pus to drain from the infected cavity. After the majority of the pus is removed, packing will be applied against the wound as it will continue to drain for several days.

Swabbing of the wound for 4-5 days will be necessary to keep the wound open so all the pus can drain out. Antibiotics and pain medications may be given. There will be almost immediate relief once the pocket is drained. Recurrence is not uncommon and a more definitive surgery may be needed in the future. A large or deep abscess may require drainage in the hospital setting with a general anesthetic.

A follow-up visit will be done 10-14 days after it is incised and drained.